THE ANGLE V3 - A Collaboration with Colour
Presenting V3 of one canvas created by 49 of the worlds best 3D artists. At a distance, the canvas appears to be a gradient of rich purple through to baked yellow, but at a closer look each artist has created their own mini masterpiece. 
Each artist was randomly assigned a tile. The brief was then to create a 1x1 image within the confounds of the colour of which the tile was allocated. Each artist had complete creative freedom to do whatever they felt suited that square. 
The story of this piece can be told not only from the individual artists but as a collaboration where the artistic journey is demonstrated not only within each unique square but also with the conversation between each of the artists pieces. This has allowed each artist the space to express their own conceptions whilst being shared as part of a collaborative piece.


099: Drake Smith  100: Roman Kaelin 101: Nullject 102: Evokedform 103: Andrea Marshall 104: Dexamol 
105: Kidmograph 106: Marterium 107: Alvaro Polo 108: Benoit Challand 109: Shir Pakman 110: Ivan Anton 111: MVP Berling 112: Yulia 113: Matt Chiama 114: Dan Zucco 115: Eyedesyn 116: Nina Marie 117: Yeseong K 118: Valentin Heinrich
119: Andreas Wannerstedt 120: Peter Tarka 121: You Zhang 122: Vinicius Araujo 123: Vincent Schwenk 124: Lasse Lauch
125: YIPPIEHEY 126: Max Schwugier 127: Mehmet Kizilay 128: Dino Muhic 129: Chadwick Halbritter 130: Max Salzborn
131: Wes Cockx 132: Helloluxx 133: Alper Dostal 134: Joanna Nowak 135: Gio Familybusyness 136: Tim J. 137: Strack
138: Flavio Montiel 139: Sabrina Garcia 140: Marcio Flausino 141: Cascal 142: Carolina Carballo 143: GN Romain
144: Sarah Amigh 145: Eric Bernal 146: Dennis Tiege 147: Nil Estany

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