Title Sequence for 'All The Light We Cannot See', the miniseries based on Anthony Doerr's Pulitzer Prize-winning bestseller on Netflix.  Opening with an intimate focus on a finely crafted wooden model of a small French town during WWII, the sequence gradually expands its scope. Soft light delicately permeates, serving as a metaphor for the blind protagonist's mental visualization through the model. The light becomes a subtle guide, tracing the model's streets like the protagonist's fingertips. This evolving perspective mirrors her tactile exploration, symbolizing a deepening connection to her environment—a quiet and immersive journey through the tactile world of a blind girl's imagination, encapsulated within the wooden contours of a model town.

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After the pitch, the client asked us to explore ways to integrate more 'humanity' into the sequence. We initially explored the idea of projecting images onto the buildings and then decided to show the humanity through shots of props that represented the characters.


The main ingredients of the sequence were the model city and the movement of light, so we had to be very intentional about how we used them. The idea was to gradually reveal the city through the use of slits of light moving over the contours of the buildings. As we progress and get wider on our view, we also introduce some ambient light to bring more of the city into view. 



Client: Netflix with Shawn Levy 

Design Studio:  Elastic
Creative Director: Duncan Elms 

Editor: Jessica Ledeoux  
3D Designers: Ethem Cem, Gryun Kim, Kennon Fleisher, Hyunsup Ahn, Ugur Baltepe, Felix Soletic, Renato Marques 
3D Animators: Gryun Kim, Hyunsup Ahn, Gabriel Perez
3D Modelers: Jose Limon, Joe Paniagua, Mike Dupree 
2D Designers: Sky Bird, Lynn Kim
2D Animators: Cindy SooHoo, Chris Salvador, Steven Do
Color Pipeline TD: Andrew Young
CG Lead: Andy Wilkoff
Sr. Producer: Michael Ross
Production Coordinator: Angela Shin
Head of Production: Paul Makowski
Executive Producer:  Kate Berry 
Managing Director:  Jennifer Sofio Hall

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