While creating the title sequence, we visited Cappadocia, the story's setting, and spent several days exploring its stunning landscapes. During our stay, we gathered various materials like photos and videos of the environment. With the assistance of drones, we 3D scanned the unique terrain of the Cappadocia and used these assets while we were building up the design frames. In the editing process, our goal was to illustrate the interrelations of events in the story, which revolved around a series of nighttime murders, despite their occurrence at different times. To achieve this, we used match cuts, enabling seamless transitions between these distinct time periods, in the hope of helping viewers make these crucial connections.

Early Styleframes and Development

Behind the Scenes / Animation

Directors: Ethem Cem & Ugur Baltepe 
Designer & Animator: Eray Cimen 
Additional Animation: Mert Ercin 
Music: Mercan Dede


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